Vanilla: A Spice Derived From Orchids?

Vanilla Planifolia or the flat-leaved vanilla is a type of orchid, where the vanilla pod is derived from. This plant is commonly found in Mexico, Central America making it a primary source of vanilla. To this day three types of vanilla are cultivated all around the world. They are Vanilla Tahitensis widespread in the South Pacific, Vanilla Pompona grown in West Indies, Central America, and South America.

The most common and the majority of the Earth’s choice is Vanilla Planifolia better known as Bourbon Vanilla or Madagascar Vanilla because this type is grown and cultivated in Madagascar and Indonesia. The two countries’ cultivation produces two-thirds of the global supply of vanilla!

Falling behind only to saffron, vanilla is the next most expensive spice! As each vanilla pod has a specific time to be ripe it requires a daily harvest. Making the production of vanilla very labour intensive. Even so, vanilla is used by a lot of people for various different purposes ranging from cooking to aromatherapy. People’s innovation brings endless uses of this pod.

The Benefits of Vanilla!

Great Hair Goals



Split-ends and hair loss are the most common problems women face nowadays. Our head is more prone to the damages caused by the polluted environment that we live in, it ruins our scalp and damages our hair. Vanilla increases the blood flow of our scalp, which improves hair growth and ceases hair loss, it also strengthens our hair follicle ensuring strong and healthy hair.

A Great Stress Reliever

Vanilla is also known as an “effective antidepressant” and it is one of the most important essential oils used in aromatherapy, its pleasant smell can instantly lift your mood and calm your nerves relieving all of your stress.

A Solution to the Ageing Problem

An antioxidant powerhouse will surely bring you a lot of benefits, and some of them stop the damage caused by free radicals, vanilla has these antioxidants. Vanilla also reduces ageing as it lessens wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, giving you a youthful, smooth skin. This is one of the big reasons why vanilla is a very important ingredient for the cosmetic industry.

Helps with Weight Loss

Vanilla contains natural appetite suppressors so with proper exercise it definitely can assist with weight loss. Vanilla extract also helps our body’s metabolic system to run smoothly and make our bowels function well.

No More Acne!

This the deal breaker for all women and it’s totally understandable, acne and then acne scars are a big pain. But with anti-bacterial agents of vanilla, they won’t stay in your face for long! These properties cleanse the skin reducing the likely chance of future acne, and brightens up your complexion in a very natural way.

Soothes Nausea

The pleasant spice also has a soothing effect and a lot of people use it as a solution for nausea. Vanilla calms the stomach and reduces the pain, for an uneasy stomach hot water with a few drops of natural vanilla extract, or even better a vanilla herbal tea is the perfect cure.

To feel good you have to eat and drink good, and at Tipson, we want to provide that to our customers while being affordable. We make blends that are good for you and your stomach, also ensuring great well being!

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