The perfect fall morning and night routine

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year and when you hear fall, we are sure that your mind is flooded with cozy sweaters, warm drinks, crunchy leaves, and most of all cool breezes. Yes! We all adore fall, but sometimes the serene ambience can have you feeling a little less energised. While it is important to have a breather when your body needs one, we can’t compromise on everything. That is why a productive, adjustable routine for both morning and night is necessary to keep you up and moving through the fall.

We always think that taking care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually is key to being productive. So, here are our go-to self-care routines for the fall to stay productive.

The perfect fall morning routine

Wake up gradually 


The low light exposure caused from less daylight on Autumn mornings can make you feel more sluggish than usual other mornings. This is totally fine as long as you don’t remain in bed for long hours and get on with your day. It has also been proven that being startled upon waking to loud alarms and beeps can cause high tension, which can negatively impact you throughout the day. Instead set a peaceful, calming alarm tone like a more natural sound so you aren’t annoyed because the tone is not maddening or deafening. Reducing and completely eliminating caffeine intake at night is another way to promise yourself a peaceful slumber so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Give yourself a mental health check

We are strong believers that we are only at our best when our physical, as well as our mental health, is at its peak. The cozy atmosphere during fall can cloud our minds (pun intended). So, it’s so important to make sure that you are in the correct headspace. Ask yourself these few questions and get an affirmation:

How am I feeling today?

What occupies the majority of my mental energy?

Am I taking care of myself enough?

What can I do today that will bring me joy?

This will help you to understand what headspace you’re in and find solutions if you need to. 

Make your bed, open those windows


Although we all love the cozy weather of the fall, sometimes it can also create a very dull and stagnant environment. Opening your windows and making your bed creates an uncluttered environment and can help you to get on with your day with a clear mind. 

Have an energising beverage

Even when you muster up the courage to get yourself out of bed, you might still need a boost of energy. This is when a nice warm cup of matcha or a spicy herbal infusion will come in handy! 

Journal your day ahead

Sit down with your planner and make plans for the day. This can help you feel more organised and give you clear idea of what you would like to do for the day. But, for us this is strictly a part of our work day routine. So, don’t forget to throw those planners away on your rest days and be spontaneous. 

Be Active


Being active can help us in a wide variety of ways not just in the present moment but also in the long run. Here’s how:

Keeps us active and strong

Strengthens both bones and muscles

Improves our body flexibility 

Helps with maintaining weight

Good for the brain 

Start the day with a shower

Yes! A relaxing shower fixes everything. For us, the ideal shower consists of warm water and pampering soaps, and taking a hot shower when it’s breezy outside is even more relaxing. This just awakens you fully and helps you get rid of any hint of sleepiness you may have.

Have a filling breakfast

The most important meal of the day can never be compromised! We love an easy-filling breakfast that doesn’t require much effort. Fall is all about coziness and we like to treat ourselves to comforting food. Some of our favourite picks are: 

Oatmeal (with different toppings)

French toast



The perfect fall night routine

Now that you’ve been productive all day, you’ve earned yourself the need to wind down. It is fall after all so let’s make this night routine as comfortable as it can be!

Dinner first

Early dinner is a great way to begin the night on a fall day. Eating early will help you digest better and get a good night’s sleep. Some of our favourite hearty meals for the fall are:




Meatball spaghetti

Take a soothing bath

According to researchers, a hot bath on cold nights are said to help you fall asleep faster. As autumn nights are colder try taking a hot bath an hour and two prior to actually going in on bed to sleep. Your body's internal temperature is substantially influenced by the hot water, allowing you to fall asleep at a cooler temperature. The body uses a drop in temperature as a signal that it is time for bed. 

If you want to have an early night, a hot cup of Tipson’s Deep Sleep herbal infusion is the drink you have to try. It will help relax your mind and get you ready for bed.

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