Maintaining your health and wellness during self isolation!

As government enforced self-isolations are being enforced all around the world, we are now confined to our homes in order to ensure we can bring the COVID-19 situation under control. Staying at home gives the opportunity to finally spend some much needed time with our loved ones. However, as we spend more time at home, a lot of our customers have asked us for tips on maintaining their health and wellness from their own homes. So, here are a few Tipson tips on staying fit at home while you are self isolating!

Keep your brain going!

Before you even begin to consider your physical health, keeping mentally active is vital, too. We recommend watching quiz based programmes where you can help you to keep your mind switched on. Challenge yourselves to try to answer the questions—this can be especially important for those of you who are struggling with not many visitors or family nearby at this time. While you’re at it, a recent Harvard study on cognitive fitness found that solving problems like sudoku, maths equations and word puzzles all helped to maintain mental positivity and sharpness. Crossword, anyone?

Ensure you practice basic principles of circulation

When we think about getting some form of exercise at home, we usually think about yoga and HIIT workouts. However, focusing on making sure you’re promoting basic circulation is even more important to make sure that you don’t get stiff! We advise making sure you’re getting up from your chair at least every 30 minutes. Plus, flexing and rotating the lower leg while you’re sitting, if they’re able to physically, can be a very handy trick for maintaining blood circulation.Keep an eye on the time and take a stroll around your room every 30 minutes!

Hobbies that keep you moving are great!

Physically, it’s key to try and maintain hobbies that you regularly do or used to do. One of the best hobbies to stay active during times like this is to invite those skipping challenges back. Remember those days when all you needed to spend a good and fun evening was a skipping rope? Bring that back again! You can do this easily in your own living room or backyard. Gentle stretching exercises before you start will help loosen your joints, and not only will this aid dexterity, but also emphasise your feeling of usefulness, in turn helping to alleviate negative thoughts!

Exercises you can do at home

Another great way of maintaining your health and wellness at home is through exercises that you can easily door indoors. Here are some of Tipson’s recommendations:

  • Chair tricep dips - Sit on the edge of a chair holding onto the front with your hands. Place your feet out in front of you (bent legs for an easier option or straight legs to make it harder) and lower your elbows to a 90-degree angle before pushing back up.

  • Table top press ups - Incline press ups can be done anywhere around the home - on a table, a bed, a chair or even a wall. To use a table, place your hands on the table with your legs stretched out behind you, body nice and straight. Lower your weight down keeping your elbows tight to your body, and press back up.

  • Living room wall sits - find a wall with a big enough space for you to lean on. Sit against the wall like you would in a chair with your legs at 90 degrees, and hold. Give it time and you'll soon feel the burn!

  • Milk bottle Russian twists - Sit on the floor holding a milk bottle (or any bottle with liquid in). Lean back with a straight back and engage your core. Rotate your torso and try to touch the floor each side with the milk bottle. Make it harder by lifting your feet off the floor.

There you have it, some of Tipson’s top recommendations when it comes to maintaining your health and wellness while you are at home. You do not go to your gym or your running path to stay healthy during these times. In addition to what we have mentioned above, ensure you eat a well balanced diet filled with nutrients and vitamins, and check out Tipson Tea’s Herbal Infusions range for the ideal compliment to your diet! 

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