Introduction to biohacking and 5 bio-hacks that work!

What is biohacking?

Biohacking has been getting attention lately, especially among the younger generation, it has now become a worldwide buzz! The term biohacking can also be known as DIY Biology. What this does and mean is how small changes to a person’s diet and lifestyle can cause slow, but definite improvements to physical and mental health.

How you can improve your lifestyle

Exercising is key

Having a consistent exercise routine is ideal. Exercising is not tiring, find what your body can handle, because routines are meant to be something that fits you. On the same note, make sure you are aware of the limit, as overexerting yourself can have a negative effect on your body! Exercising does not mean expensive gym visits, a simple morning or evening jog would do. As long as your muscles move, it can contribute quite a lot to a healthy lifestyle.

Intermediate Fasting

This can be done on random days, fasting on a consistent routine can drain your energy. Days where you’ve had a hefty meal, skip the next meal to lighten the stomach so that your bowels can function smoothly. You can also try skipping dinner a few times every month and enjoy a cup of warm tea instead, if you don’t feel like having a caffeine drink, you can consume a herbal infusion, which can purify you from within. However, it’s best to contact your physician before fasting, if you doubt whether your body can handle it.

Get outdoors

We aren’t talking about the time you spend walking to your workplace or an appointment. A polluted environment cannot relax you, in fact, it can actually cause the opposite! Make time for yourself, be free to express your feelings and emotions to nature, get out to the wind and sunshine, keeping your electronics away. A calming environment can truly bring out peace inside of you.

Know what you eat

While fasting provides a considerable amount of benefits, eating good, healthy food provides quite a lot. There is a wide variety of food types that are less processed which is good for you and plant-based products that are highly nutritious, which all ensure a long, healthy life. Most of all, eating well can make you feel good because you are not guilty of what you eat. It isn’t all about the stuff you eat, as certain beverages can contain the extra push your lifestyle needs to get better! Tipson’s wellness range is a perfect collection, with concoctions filled with antioxidants and nutrients, that gives your body a cleanse while energising your spirit!

Sleep early, sleep well

As straight to the point as it sounds, proper sleep can really improve one’s lifestyle. During this short period of time, our body and mind relax after coping with a lot of stress. Sleep is like a deep brain cleanse, an unconscious meditative state our soul lightens itself in. Most of us do it wrong by taking phones, drinking caffeine, and alcoholic drinks, which all ruin your sleep and therefore affect your lifestyle! Our sleep well herbal infusion is there to guarantee a blissful sleep with alluring dreams, this infusion is caffeine-free so you can enjoy a good night sleep. The bedroom should be dark so that you can sleep without much effort. If you are struggling to go to sleep soon enough, try using an eye mask which works wonders! Try your best to stick to a consistent sleep schedule, so that your body will familiarise with it, ensuring a sweet and sound sleep.

You can use these biohacks to help improve your lifestyle which can make you productive and positive. As Ryan Bethencourt, an American scientist said; “Biohacking could literally change the world as we know it”. However this change can be either good or bad, it is up to us to use it wisely!

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