5 ways Matcha Tea can transform your health!

5 ways Matcha Tea can transform your health!

Over the past few years, the popularity of matcha tea, desserts, shots, and lattes have skyrocketed, and we are not going to lie, matcha tea is very popular amongst all of us at Tipson as well! Although match tea comes from the same plant as green tea, it is grown very differently which gives it a unique set of health benefits. Our sources of the finest matcha cover their plants a month before harvest in order to avoid direct sunlight. This boosts the chlorophyll production in the plant, thereby increasing its content of amino acid which gives matcha its beautiful dark green hue. Tipson’s Organic Matcha tea with natural ingredients is a delicious beverage ideal to be enjoyed at any time of day. Packed with antioxidants, minerals, EGCG and vitamins, this high quality Organic Matcha green tea is a delicious superfood! Here are 5 ways that Tipson’s Matcha Tea can transform your health!

Matcha Tea Cup

1) High concentration of antioxidants

Catechin, a plant compound in tea that acts as natural oxidants, is abundant in matcha. Antioxidants help stabilize harmful free radicals, which are compounds that can damage cells and cause chronic disease. Matcha tends to have more catechins and antioxidants than simply steeping green tea leaves in water. In fact, by one estimate, the number of certain catechins in matcha is up to 137 times greater than in other types of green tea. Including matcha in your diet could increase your antioxidant intake, which may help prevent cell damage and even lower your risk of several chronic diseases.

Matcha Improves Brain Function

2) Improves cognitive functions

Research has shown that several elements present in matcha could help enhance brain function. One research studied 23 people, and looked at how they performed on a series of tasks designed to measure brain performance. Some participants consumed either matcha tea or a bar containing 4 grams of matcha, while the control group consumed a placebo tea or bar. The researchers found that matcha caused improvements in attention, reaction time and memory, compared to the placebo. Matcha also contains a compound called L-theanine, which alters the effects of caffeine, promoting alertness and helping avoid the crash in energy levels that can follow caffeine consumption.

Matcha Protects Heart

3) Protects your heart

Over 33% of all reported deaths in people over the age of 35 are linked to heart disease. Did you know that numerous studies have shown that drinking tea, especially green tea can protect you and reduce the risk of heart disease. Green tea has been shown to reduce levels of total and “bad” LDL cholesterol, as well as triglycerides. Observational studies have also shown that drinking green tea is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. But you must be wondering, green tea protects your heart, what about matcha? Because matcha has an almost identical nutrient profile to green tea, when combined with a well-rounded diet and healthy lifestyle, drinking matcha may help keep your heart healthy and protect against disease.

Matcha Helps With Weight Loss

4) Helps you lose weight

Matcha has risen to popularity due to its ability to enhance weight loss. In fact, studies show that it may help speed up metabolism to increase energy expenditure and boost fat burning. One small study showed that taking matcha extract during moderate exercise increased fat burning by 17% . A review of 11 studies also showed that matcha reduced body weight and helped maintain weight loss!

Matcha Protects The Liver

5) Protects your liver

Your liver is a vital organ and plays a central role in flushing out toxins, metabolizing drugs and processing nutrients.Studies have shown that matcha may help protect the health of your liver.

For example, one study gave 80 people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease either a placebo or 500 mg of matcha extract daily for 90 days. Elevated levels of enzymes are a strong indicator of liver damage. However, after 12 weeks matcha significantly reduced liver enzyme levels. This shows that matcha could be the perfect cleanse for your liver after a weekend of partying! 


It is quite clear that matcha is an extremely healthy superfood, matched with the proper amounts of exercise and a healthy diet it could truly transform your health and well-being! At Tipson, your health, well-being and convenience is our primary concern. So, not only do we give you the highest quality matcha, but Tipson Matcha comes in a tea bag making it extremely easy and convenient for you to brew your favourite matcha tea! So head on over to to purchase your favourite Matcha herbal infusions!

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