05 must-have herbal infusions in your pantry

People start the day with a warm pick-me-up beverage, which is mostly either tea or coffee. There is a tie between these two beverages, where the consumption rate is almost equal. Americans and most of the people from European countries enjoy a cup of coffee, whereas tea is quite popular in the Asian continent. Tea, however, has a higher nutritional content than coffee, with a lot less caffeine content.

For a better, healthier option, herbal tea is a good way to go, as it has zero caffeine and the added herbal advantage. Health-conscious people consume herbal tea often for the numerous benefits that can be obtained, some of them include;, boosting your immune system, detoxifying you from within, helping with indigestion allowing your bowels to function smoothly, relieving you from gastrointestinal distress and many more.

We have come up with 05 must-have herbal infusions that are kitchen essentials. These herbs are very effective when it comes to dealing with health problems, and here’s how you could get the most out of them.


Tulsi, also known as the Holy Basil, is a very indispensable herb to the Indian people, they cultivate it for religious and medicinal purposes. Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb that stimulates anti-stress properties in our body to help cope with stress. An infusion made with this herb can succour you to deal with anxiety, fatigue, and small ailments like flu, cold, and asthma. At Tipson, we have a whole range of herbal infusions made from tulsi that is 100 percent organic and healthful!


Peppermint is a widespread mint that is cultivated in many parts of the world, a cross between watermint and spearmint gives rise to this hybrid mint. Relief from; migraine, clogged sinuses and menstrual cramps. Antibacterial properties, anti inflammatory properties and freshening one's breath are also easy benefits this mint provides. We have a few herbal infusions dedicated to peppermint which are turmeric, matcha, and tulsi. These herbal teas complement each ingredient perfectly while making an ideal caffeine free beverage!


Over the years chamomile flowers have proven to be an effective natural prescription, the flower is used in traditional medicine and to make calming herbal infusions. This remarkable daisy provides benefits that include; promoting bone density as it contains anti-estrogenic effects, being a natural treatment for eczema, curing mild skin conditions, and being a very helpful supplement to diabetes treatments. Our collection has two fantastic chamomile concoctions, turmeric and tulsi, and aside from being exceptional herbal teas they tease your taste buds with a delicate, unique taste!


Turmeric is a flowering plant from the ginger family, mostly known and used in cooking. For a more indepth turmeric exploration you can read our blog on turmeric. Turmeric was and is still a very precious asset, the ancient folk used it as an antibacterial/ antiviral treatment, an infusion to boost their immunity. People still look up to these uses and have found many more health benefits of turmeric, to name a few; liver detoxification, indigestion cure, and relieving inflammation pain. Makes you want a cuppa immediately right? Checkout our full range of turmeric infusions and enjoy turmeric’s miraculous benefits in any flavour you crave!


Ginger has similar uses in cooking to turmeric, but it isn’t similar when it comes to wellness powers. There is an entire blog dedicated to this root with its hidden abilities and you can have a read here! There is a wide variety of benefits ginger provides, which include; easing chronic indigestion, preventing a potential risk of cancer, helping with reducing bad cholesterol levels (LDL), improving brain activity to prevent conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, being very effective against infections and restraining bacteria growth. Our blends with ginger are all about cleaning your body and soul, these being moringa, matcha, and ashwagandha, you can pick your cleanse with additional perks that best suit your need and mood!

With all these impressive infusions and a cup of hot water, you really can turn your day around. To discover more herbal heroes and to take your teas to the next level, visit our website at and also get hooked on loads of other interesting reads like this one!

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